Here’s one thing that is keep looping every January when a new year is about to start…

I get bombarded with questions about what’s the next big thing in 2018! Where should i invest my time and money for this year…

I can understand why people ask me this: no one wants to miss any upcoming waves, and no one wants to waste valuable time in a time consuming and unproductive niche..

When you have this questions in mind, just think about this…

Information  is one of the most influential stick you can grab on! Spend time networking on various chat channels, attending conferences and spying on your competition… By doing this analysis you can be ahead of everyone else and invest your money smart!

Even though I am not a fortuneteller and I can’t predict the future, but based on my good information from reliable sources these are my best Picks for 2018!

Local Businesses/Offline Marketing is Still Booming

Facebook made it so easy for us to promote and emerge local businesses for profits in 2017, and this will not change in 2018!

Just think about how many services you can still offer to local clients that are willing to throw in serious money to get their brand out there in front of their customers.

The good news is local businesses boomed last year and became a great option for all smart marketers like you and I.

A lot of the more prominent local marketers  are doing their own thing. Instead of spending money on facebook ads, they chose to sell video ranking services, SEO services, video creation, graphic design for local businesses.

Just think about it guys, there are tons of services you can promote to local businesses in your hometown.

There is really no easier way to start your online marketing empire in 2018!

Local businesses are looking to grow their brands using influencers, videos,ads and more.

You will see a lot of hype about this in 2018 so better to keep an eye open for any new information that pops on local marketing and getting paid to promote local businesses.

Crypto Space is Booming!

You probably noticed already that I never talked about real estate , precious metals or stock markets in my emails, but starting in 2018 you will probably hear me talking more and more about Cryptocurrency, as i have started invested in it for 6 months now, and the time has come to share my knowledge and experience with you guys.There’s a massive correlation between marketers and Cryptocurrency, and it’s hard to ignore.

I want to share some of the ways that Cryptocurrency is going to change everything.

Let’s talk about Blockchain Technology:

Check out these companies:

OysterPRL – Monetize a website without ads by
BasicAttentionToken – Pay for someone’s attention, rather than their click.
HoQu – Decentralizing affiliate networks.

Once this platforms are launched and fully functional, it will disrupt the affiliate marketing as we know it.

These are ambitious projects. Some of them want to straight up get rid of the online banner / advertising itself.

Blockchain technology will affect marketing in general, but it’ll take a few years for it things to change.

However, it’s not too late to get involved and get your share of the profit on this massive growth of cryptocurrency on a daily basis.

I want to share with you my personal experience with Crypto since I started trading it.

First, you need to realize that Crypto can give you 1000% profits on your investments but it can also drop very fast due the high volatility of this market.

But where is volatility there are the best chances to turn $100  into $1000 in matter of minutes!

If you are considering to invest in this you will have to put in place a working strategy and stick to it! Else you might end up panicking and sell all your assets.

I had my share of FOMO(Fear of missing out)  and FUD (Fear, uncertainity and doubt), that Is why i decided to start educating other marketers about this massive crypto opportunities in 2018.

So how I managed to turn $500 in $7500 in 14 days?

I had a coin that I had been holding it for over 6 months, and i can recall it was right after Christmas this coin started to grow from $1.3 /  unit to $5 and the next day to $15 and just a few days ago it hit an all time high of $25!

But here are the bad news (For me…)

I sold almost all my coins when the priced was only $4! Yes that is right. If I had held my patience and hold my coin I would of sold it all for over $9000 in profits…

So this lesson cost me over $7000 in profit loss!

But don’t let yourself discouraged yet…

So even though I sold my coins under the all time high, I managed to quickly get into a new emerging coin, and managed to triple my first profits, and I now stand close to that number than I was a few weeks ago..

Here is just a sneak peak of my crypto portfolio and profits for the past 2 weeks.

Remember this started with only a few hundred dollars and now Standing in over $6k in profits among my many exchanges and holding wallets.

My Binance Wallet Value at the time of writing this (Tomorrow could be x2 x 3)

I realize that I am not one of the whales out there holding tons of bitcoins, but starting from 0 to 0.5 BTC(Spreaded in different trading platforms) in value in just 14 days can be considered quite a good profit for doing pretty much nothing.

On the next couple of Weeks I will do my best to provide you with more information from this sphere and also talk about mining this huge potential coins and a lot of cool information my fingers are itching to share with you!

Before I get to write more about this and put something really cool together for you guys, you might want to have a look into  another great opportunity with Crypto Craze is Affiliate marketing and CPA Offers

Crypto CPA Offers
The streets are buzzing.

Your auntie is hearing about all the Bitcoin or Crypto millionaires and wants to get in on it.

A lot of times you have to “convince” someone that working at home, binary options, playing a casino app, penny stocks, or Forex are great ways to make money.

With Crypto, it’ll be a lot easier to convince people about this opportunity. Why? Because of the buzz. They’re already hearing about it and already curious.

Expect Crypto CPA offers to be huge this year.

Affiliates and Marketers Are Becoming The Crypto Wolves of Wallstreet!
“Everyone’s a genius in a bull market”

Some affiliates including myself are taking their money bags and re-invest into the Crypto market. Other affiliates have quit altogether to pursue the Crypto space full-time (day trading).

There are a lot of parallels between the stock market and Crypto in a way. Here’s a framework that I’ve viewed the stock market and how it can apply to Crypto.

1. Coin Finding and Researching the project.

Some coins are solid and can 10x your ROI.

Other coins are scammy coins designed to be pumped and dumped. It takes a tremendous amount of due diligence to understand the vision, the team, the roadmap, etc.

Make sure you do your research right before throwing all your savings into a coin!

2. Timing is everything > Timing the Market.

You can’t predict “dips.” The only truth we’ve observed is that the market goes up in the long term.

I can’t say this applies precisely to Crypto, but I do believe the technology is here to stay.

There are a lot of coins promising a lot of ahead of our time tech, but do they have what it takes to get to that level? Do they have a strong developers community, do they even do marketing for the coin, do they have solid partnerships??

A lot of new Coins can have great ideas, but the timing/execution wasn’t right.

This are the  main 3 questions you should ask yourself before throwing your savings in any coin!

3. Grow your investment portfolio

The more money you have to invest, the more money you can make.

Putting $2k in the market can only grow so much.

Here’s my advice.

Research and find some coins you believe in. Find companies with strong teams and a real-world application.

Put some money in it and don’t touch it for a while. Watch it grow in time.

If you hold coins longer than a year, then you’ll be taxed at a lower rate due to long term capital gains. (Wait…you guys know you have to pay taxes right?)

Checking CoinsMarketCap 25x a day isn’t going to make you any richer.

I rather focus my time / energy on launching campaigns and finding ways to make more money. I’ll let time do its thing.

Best advice I can give for a total beginner to stay on the safe side:

Buy in Red when everyone panics, Sell in Green When everyone has the fear of missing out”

Remember, Crypto Trading works in Waves, just like any other stock exchange market.

Ride the Wave… to profits, exit when it starts to collapse!

People say things are dead. I look around and see more opportunity than ever.

Did you guys enjoy this post? Interested in me analyzing the industry on a weekly basis?

Comment below and let me know.

Looking forward to hear what are your predictions for 2018?