Another day, another Google Update!

This Time around it’s a new tool for Google My Business,
called “Small Thanks with Google”

This new tool utilizes existing customer Google Reviews
and highlights your best Google reviews by automatically creating a poster
that you can print for your business, send an email campaign
or future it on your website or your client’s websites.

Reviews and ratings for local businesses are very important ranking factors that search engines like Google take into consideration when displaying results.

This is because users are looking for social proof to help influence their decision making.

It’s human nature to be drawn to a business that has positive reviews because reviews and ratings remove purchase anxiety and the customers feel reassured about their choice before they’ve even made it.

How do you create a Small Thanks with Google poster?

It’s a very easy process to generate your posters.

Here’s how you do it


STEP  1: Enter your business name in the field and select it when it appears.

You will need to have some 5-star reviews on Google for your business to appear on the list.

STEP 2: Google Generates a unique Poster for your local business

Google then generates some poster examples with some randomly selected reviews that you can select as they are, or you can select to “customize your own”.

STEP 3: Customize your own and select styles and layouts

If you customize your own, you can select the style and layout as well as the color in some instances.

There is a single review option or you can really boast about your business with three reviews. Once you have selected your layout and review/s, click next.


STEP 4: Download everything you need to reach your customers

After you create your first poster, you can also download a zipped folder that contains all the promotional material you need in conveniently sized (with bleed lines) and labeled files ready to send to the printers, along with all your online assets too.

You also get to choose from more reviews when you personalize your toolkit, so you can really create something awesome that works for the medium you want to publish your posters on.



If you enjoyed this (small) tutorial on how to use Google Small Thanks for Local businesses, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments bellow!


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