Many small business owners know they need a quality website that is SEO optimized, but far too often they are not sure what it takes to get it on the top and noticed by the public.

So unless your business is among the top listings, it is very hard for you to generate potential customers.

And the competition is even tougher for the small businesses because they have to compete with their bigger counterparts.

So what is the recipe to success?

Small businesses should focus on implementing local SEO (or, local search engine optimization) strategies to capture as many local customers as possible.

Although there are many ways to get this done, we have put together the best ones.

Top 10 ways to improve local SEO for small businesses:


1. Build Local Links

Link building is a core concept in SEO. And local link building is essential if you are doing local SEO marketing. But what is local link building? In short, it is the process of gaining backlinks from authoritative and high-quality publications, blogs and directories which work within the geographical area of your small business. Approaching local newspapers and submitting to local directories are some of the ways which will help you make your target.


2. Use Press Releases

Press releases are very effective in local SEO campaigns. They are efficient in creating a local buzz and thus, help your website rank well in local search results. The press releases should focus on genuine news and should cover important events like new product launches. For best results, just make sure that you have included geo-specific keywords in the title of a press release.


3. Bring in Online Reviews

Reviews on an online directory like Yelp and other user-generated review sites also help in local SEO process. All you have to do is list yourself in these online review sites, and ask your customers to post feedback once the transaction is over. You also have to make sure that your official website is properly linked to your review profiles. The local visibility of your small business in SERPs will start improving once you start getting more reviews on these sites.


4. Optimize for Video

You can upload relevant videos about your company on YouTube and Vimeo. However, make full use of the description page before making a video public. Include your contact information like address, phone number and official website in the description area. This will massively boost your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO is no longer an option for local businesses; it has grown to become a necessity. It is the most effective way for a local business to meet greater visibility and attract online customers, and there is no way one can ignore it anymore. cloud base software called X Leads 360 – is today used by many small businesses.


5. Highlight Your Unique (Local) Value

If you run a local small business, your existing customers certainly like you because of the top-shelf personalized service you offer to them. In fact, customers choose local businesses over nationwide known brands with chains because of this reason.

Treating your customers fairly, providing them the care and value of service they deserve and always delivering quality work are the general terms to describe value. This value can be well mixed with your SEO strategy.

Firstly, you should make sure that your business gets out of the comfort zone a bit. For instance, in case you have a car repair facility, your website content should include description terms which are unique such as ‘the best car repair in XXX’, ‘top-quality vehicle repair’, ‘fast and reliable’ etc. Aside from that, make sure to include your local information everywhere from your meta descriptions to landing pages and other websites. Customers love quality local businesses, and your location is your biggest weapon.


6. Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all one-stop-digest destinations for every one of us. Social media has been dominating the digital space over the years. We communicate, read news and share information on social media every day. Which brings us to the fact that it is a place your business needs to put its focus.

In reality, many small businesses are trapped in the world of social media – failing to update their pages and profiles. This sends a wrong message to the user. On the other side, being consistent with your social media posts will help you gather the virtual – and actual likes of your local audience.


7. Create A Virtual Presence That Fits Every Screen

What’s the chance for an average user to hop on to your small business website from your social media page? Very big.Nowadays, people use smartphones more than desktop computers. We all have them in our pockets and use them for everything. They are small, fit everywhere and have everything our computers have – in a packed version.

And that is why you should create a website which is responsive and mobile-friendly. The best part is Google loves mobile-friendly websites and will give your advantage over your local competitors.


8. Exploit The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. For local customers, it is among the best tools to use.

Why? Well, your local small business has one strength over any other – the location. For the average user, it is easier to check out your offer or discount than ‘go the miles’ to another destination. People still check their emails on a daily basis, and a tailored offer, discount or promotion sent with a friendly tone will make your audience even more attached to your business.

Email marketing will help you get noticed as well. If you connect and mix it with your other approaches such as social media and on-page SEO, it can do wonders.


9. Install Google Analytics.

The information small business owners get from analytics is enough to make the average persons head spin, but at a very basic glance one can find valuable information such as: how many people visit their site, what search term landed them the site, length of visit, which site referred them, new vs. return visitors, and many other valuable stats that can only be used to improve website. Do this first and start gathering data.


10. Great Website Structure

SEO rotates around how the search engines scan for content to give their users. You need to be found by the search engines,then it is your obligation improve your website structure. One of the ideal ways to do this is to use meta tags and sitemaps in your website. There are amazing types of SEO software that can help you with this. Hence, you can find thousands of local clients using our cloud base software called X Leads 360


If you enjoyed our top 10 ways to improve your Local SEO or your local client’s SEO and Rankings, feel free to leave your comments bellow.

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